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Source: Corporate Europe Observatory

PRESS RELEASE Spanish MEP Zalba Bidegain again happy to act as a puppet for outside interests Brussels, 31 March 2011 – EU member states – and taxpayers – are risking legal action from foreign companies as a result of new international investment policies currently being discussed by the EU. A new report by Corporate Europe Observatory, Investment Rights Stifle Democracy,

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House to probe huge lawyers’ fees in NAIA 3 case

Source: inquirer.net

By Gil C. Cabacungan Jr. Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 08:54:00 03/28/2011

Filed Under: Litigation & Regulations, Government Contracts

MANILA, Philippines—The House of Representatives will investigate the “atrociously” high legal fees amounting to $56 million (about P2.3 billion) racked up by the Philippine government in its long-running dispute with German airport operator Fraport and its local partner Philippine International Air Terminals Co.

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Harper’s $130 Million Rollover to NAFTA

Source: The Tyee

He set a precedent, making us pay foreign investors if we stop giving them access to publicly owned resources.

By Scott Sinclair, 25 Mar 2011, TheTyee.ca

Why should a provincial government be punished for doing the right thing?

That’s a question the citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador — and of resource-rich British Columbia — should be asking themselves in the aftermath of

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$130 million NAFTA payout sets troubling precedent

Source: CCPA

by Scott Sinclair

National Office | Commentary and Fact Sheets

Issue(s): Corporations and corporate power, International trade & investment, Deep integration

Projects & Initiatives: Trade and Investment Research Project

March 22, 2011

Why should a provincial government be punished for doing the right thing?

That’s a question the citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador – and all Canadians – should be asking

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International tribunal rejects Milwaukee mining company’s $100 million claim against El Salvador

Source: CISPES

Thursday, 17 March 2011

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Contact: Steve Watrous, Midwest Coalition against Lethal Mining, (414) 429-7567

Alexis Stoumbelis, Committee in Solidarity with the people of El Salvador (202) 521-2510  ext. 205

International community continues to demand reparations for environmental damage

Washington, DC: On March 15, 2011, a tribunal at the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)

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Sierra Club on CAFTA-Commerce Group Ruling

Source: CIPES


Contact: Elizabeth Wagner (202) 548-4595

Statement of Sierra Club’s Rachel Ackoff, Associate Washington Representative, on CAFTA Challenge to El Salvador’s Environmental, Public Health Policies

Washington – Sierra Club released the following statement on yesterday’s CAFTA ruling, which dismisses on a technicality a mining corporation’s challenge to El Salvador’s environmental, public health policies that will still cost

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AbitibiBowater NAFTA settlement has privatized Canadian water, trade committee hears

Source: Council of Canadians

Council of Canadians Board member and trade lawyer Steven Shrybman presented to Parliament’s Trade committee today arguing that the record-setting $130-million NAFTA settlement with AbitibiBowater has effectively privatized Canada’s water by allowing foreign investors to assert a proprietary claim to water permits and even water in its natural state.

“It would be difficult to overstate the consequences of such a profound

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Mexico’s Hot Money Challenge

Source: Institute for Policy Studies

March 3, 2011 · By Manuel Perez-Rocha

NAFTA undercuts Mexico’s ability to control a sudden influx of volatile financial investment.

The headlines out of Mexico these days are dominated by the fiery violence related to the war on drugs. Mexico’s economy is also heating up in ways that are extremely dangerous to the future of the country.

In the

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Cola Wars Beat Drug Wars

Source: Public Citizen

March 02, 2011

The award in agribusiness giant Cargill’s NAFTA investor-state attack on Mexico’s jobs program was published last week.

The short version: a tribunal of three unelected judges determined that Mexico’s efforts to save or create jobs for campesinos in the sugar sector were a violation of NAFTA. Mexico’s taxpayers were ordered to cough up over $77 million plus interest,

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Amicus Brief Highlights the Environmental and Human Rights Impacts of Mining in $77 Million Investment Arbitration Case

Source: CIEL

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Contact:  Dr. Marcos Orellana, Center for International Environmental Law, (202) 742-5847 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (202) 742-5847  end_of_the_skype_highlighting, or morellana@ciel.org.

Washington, DC:  On March 2, 2011, the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), on behalf of civil society organizations of the Mesa Nacional Frente a la Minería Metálica (Mesa), filed an amicus curiae brief in the Pac

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