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The Network for Justice in Global Investment is a joint effort by citizens and organizations in a variety of countries to challenge one of the most anti-democratic aspects of the global economic order – the rules governing international investment. Read More.


Call for an Alternative Investment Model

November, 2011

Dear all,

130 social activists, campaigners, farmers, trade unionists, academics and lawyers from Africa, Asia, Latin and North America and Europe came together between the 5 and 8 of November 2011 in Brussels on the occasion of the Week of Action on Investment Treaties and for an Alternative Investment Regime.

This 4-day event included a Forum, strategy meetings, a Debate with the

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Legalised Profiteering?

Source: Transnational Institute

Nick Buxton

November 2011

The secretive and lucrative world of international investment arbitration has enriched a small coterie of multi-billion dollar international firms, which actively promote and even help finance litigations against states and have fought fiercely to prevent changes to an unjust international investment regime. Download Legalised Profiteering? [PDF 261KB]


On 10 March 2011, the world’s attention was

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Mining for Profits in International Tribunals (Updated, November 2011)

Source: Institute for Policy Studies

November 21, 2011

By Sarah Anderson, J. Alejandro Artiga-Purcell, Rebecca Dreyfus, Manuel Perez-Rocha

Corporate lawsuits against governments over resource rights continue to increase.

In the context of high global prices for natural resources, governments seeking to increase the benefits of those resources for their own people are facing an increasing number of corporate lawsuits.

Under free trade agreements and

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Statement of the EU and MERCOSUR after the 7th round of negotiations on the future Association Agreement between both regions

Source: Trade.ec.europa.eu

Montevideo, November 11, 2011

In the context of the XXIII Bi-Regional Negotiations Committee (BNC), delegations from MERCOSUR and the European Union held working meetings from November 7 to 11 2011, for the negotiation of a future Bi-Regional Association Agreement between both regions.

Chief Negotiators of both sides reaffirmed their commitment to move negotiations forward to reach a comprehensive, balanced and ambitious Association

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The Second Conquest: The EU Free Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru

Source: Transnational Institute

Thomas Fritz

October 2010

The neoliberal FTAs pursued by the EU with Colombia and Peru threaten to exacerbate human rights abuses – which include killings of trade unionists, forced expropriations of indigenous people from land, and environmental destruction – for the sake of corporate profit.

The Second Conquest: The EU Free Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru


On 19

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The Modern Gold Rush

Source: www.fpif.org

November 18, 2011

By J. Alejandro Artiga-Purcell

Multinational mining interests are using trade and investment treaties to turn profits and undermine democracy.

In September of this year, the price of gold reached a record high, breaking $1,900 per ounce for the first time in history. This unprecedented spike in gold prices has come in the midst of the U.S. debt crisis and

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US will “keep reminding” Argentina it must comply with international obligations

Source: En.mercopress.com

November 16, 2011

The administration of President Barak Obama reaffirmed its decision to “keep reminding” Argentina of the need to comply with its international obligations as well as the importance of upholding an investment climate ‘transparent and fair’ that includes paying creditors, points out a piece from Buenos Aires La Nacion correspondent in Washington.

According to an official internal report from

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