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India may exclude clause on lawsuits from trade pacts

Source: Livemint.com

The DIPP which allows firms of the partner country investing in India to take legal action against the govt at a global forum in case of any dispute has in principle decided not to include such a condition

Asit Ranjan Mishra

India is likely to exclude in bilateral trade pacts a clause that permits a foreign investor to sue the host country

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Arbitration Scorecard 2011: Mapping the Biggest Cases You’ve Never Heard Of

Source: Law.com

. The two maps below chart the hot spots of international arbitration: the countries with most disputants. They plot the 261 cases from our 2011 Arbitration Scorecard according to the location of parties involved. [See the Focus Europe feature article, "High Stakes" for complete analysis.]

The Treaty Arbitration map shows the respondent nations that face the most arbitrations arising out of investment

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Capital controls are not beggar thy neighbour

Source: Financial Times

January 23, 2012

By Kevin P. Gallagher

Emerging markets have fallen victim to unstable capital flows in the wake of the financial crisis. In an attempt to mitigate the accompanying asset bubbles and exchange rate pressures that come with such volatility, a number of emerging markets resorted to capital controls. Although these actions have largely been supported by the International Monetary

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U.S. lawmakers urge Obama to expedite BIT with India

Source: Thehindu.com

HYDERABAD, January 13, 2012

Special Correspondent

Co-Chair of the U.S. Senate’s India Caucus Senator Mark R. Warner said that they were pushing the Obama administration to expedite the signing of a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) with India to protect investors from both countries.

Addressing a press conference along with two other senators, Michael Bennet (Colorado) and Tom Udall (New Mexico), on

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Venezuela keeps “planning” to leave ICSID arbitration panel

Source: Settysoutham.wordpress.com

January 16, 2012

They have been talking about it for years, and they keep talking. Here’s a tidbit from a PDVSA statement from last night:

El presidente de PDVSA informó la decisión del Gobierno Bolivariano de retirar a nuestro país del CIADI: “de acuerdo con las líneas del presidente Chávez, nosotros hemos decidido  salir del CIADI, hay una serie de acciones que

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Venezuela to Quit Arbitration Body

Source: The New York Times


Published: January 15, 2012

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela plans to leave the World Bank’s international arbitration body and try to settle disputes with foreign companies within its own judicial system, Rafael Ramírez, the country’s oil minister, said Sunday.

Mr. Ramírez also announced that Venezuela would seek to renegotiate dozens of international investment-related agreements.


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Mining arbitration has cost $5 million

Source: Laprensagrafica.com

El Salvador has faced a current suit by Pacific Rim and one that was thrown out by the ICSID.  The pending arbitration demands that the country pay at least $77 million.

By Keny López Monday, January 16, 2012 00:00 Translated by Jan Morrill   Defending itself from two arbitration suits for not issuing mining exploitation permits has cost the country a little

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Mining Ban: Good for the Grand Canyon, but Not for El Salvador?

Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Posted: 1/11/12

Sarah Anderson, IPS Global Economy Project Director

With patriotic fanfare, the Obama administration announced this week that it would ban new uranium mining projects around the Grand Canyon. At a ceremony at the National Geographic Society in Washington, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said the ban was “the right approach for this priceless American landscape.”

He pointed out that millions of

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Venezuela will not recognize World Bank ruling in Exxon case

Source: Reuters.com

By Daniel Wallis

CARACAS | Sun Jan 8, 2012

(Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday that his country would not recognize any ruling by a World Bank tribunal in a multibillion-dollar arbitration case with Exxon Mobil Corp.Exxon took Venezuela to the World Bank’s International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes, or ICSID, seeking as much as $12 billion in

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The Myth of Financial Protectionism: The New (and old) Economics of Capital Controls

Source: GDAE

Kevin P. Gallagher PERI Working Paper No. 278 January 2012 Download the working paper.

Unstable global capital flows to developing countries have been characteristic of the world economy in the wake of the global financial crisis. Such flows have triggered asset bubbles and exchange rate appreciation in a number of emerging and developing country markets, especially from 2009 until the Eurozone jitters

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Great Moments In Stupid Chevron PR (VIDEO)

January 11, 2011 | Mike G. | Source: The Understory

Now that Chevron has been found guilty – again – for intentionally dumping a massive amount of toxic oil waste in the Ecuadorean Amazon, the company has become increasingly desperate to explain its refusal to take responsibility. But then, Chevron’s spokespeople have never been afraid to make absurd excuses for why their company

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Ecuadoreans Ask Hague for Leave to Collect $18.2B From Chevron

Source: Curthousenews.com

January 11, 2012


MANHATTAN (CN) – The Ecuadorean government urged The Hague to let a group of its natives collect an $18.2 billion judgment from Chevron to clean up an oil spill they call the “Amazon’s Chernobyl.”      Since it was entered by a provincial court in Lago Agrio, Ecuador, on Feb. 14, 2011, Chevron has fought the judgment on

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Chevron Found Guilty in Ecuador – Again!

Source: Marculyseas.wordpress.com

January 8, 2012

Huge Victory for Plaintiffs as Appeals Court Affirms $18 Billion Pollution Judgment

“We’ve lost so many people in the community, and it’s a shame they couldn’t be with us to hear the good news.” – Humberto Piaguaje, community representative

Did you hear the stellar news ringing in 2012? The 18-year legal battle over Chevron’s horrific legacy of pollution in

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