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The Network for Justice in Global Investment is a joint effort by citizens and organizations in a variety of countries to challenge one of the most anti-democratic aspects of the global economic order – the rules governing international investment. Read More.


Growing challenges to the Transpacific Partnership trade agreement

February, 2013

By Thomas Mc Donagh & Aldo Orellana for NJGI

This is an exclusive NJGI interview with Friends of the Earth-United States (FOE-US) trade policy analyst Bill Waren on the proposed Transpacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.  We discuss what´s at stake in the negotiations in general, the implications of the proposed investment chapter and the growing campaign to challenge the TPP including FOE-US´s

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Peril in the pacific: No to TPP (VIDEO of Friends of the Earth-US):

Source: Friends of the Earth


The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Working Families Need a New Trade Model

Source: Aflcio.org

February 27, 2013

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal (TPP) currently being negotiated has the potential to set a new standard for trade policy in the 21st century—but what has been made public about the negotiations to date is grounds for deep concern that it will not fulfill its promise. American working families need a game change—a high-road strategy that focuses on creating

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A test for European solidarity-The case of intra-EU Bilateral Investment Treaties

Source: Transnational Institute

Cecilia Olivet February 2013

Corporations in Western Europe are suing Central and Eastern European countries at international arbitration tribunals through a vast web of intra-EU Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs). Yet while the European Commission has questioned the validity of these BITs, Netherlands, Germany, and the UK, oppose their termination.

The case of intra-EU Bilateral Investment Treaties (326.09 KB)


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Santiago Summit spreads new consensus on human rights obligations of investors

Source: Rightingfinance.org

Roberto Bissio ⋅ February 5, 2013

Public documents resulting from the presidential summits are usually boring and predictable, but the Santiago Declaration, issued on Sunday, January 27 following the EU-Latin American summit stunned diplomatic circles with a new consensus on the state’s role and responsibilities of transnational corporations.

Summit declarations are not passed by a majority. As consensus documents they are carefully

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Cargill settles NAFTA dispute with Mexico

Source: Articles.chicagotribune.com

February 21, 2013|Nate Raymond | Reuters

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Cargill Inc has reached a settlement with Mexico in a dispute that resulted in a $77 million arbitration award for the U.S. agribusiness company, according to court documents filed Thursday.A North American Free Trade Agreement arbitration tribunal awarded Cargill the sum in 2009 over trade barriers the company said Mexico erected against

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Investor-state dispute settlement: A government’s dilemma

Source: Vcc.columbia.edu

February 18, 2013

by Joachim Karl*

Since investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) was introduced in international investment agreements (IIAs) some 40 years ago, it has experienced five fundamental developments:

The number of investment disputes has risen significantly

At the end of 2011, at least 450 treaty-based investor-state disputes were publicly known — approximately 6.5 times more than the 67 known cases ten years

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Friends of the Earth alarmed by President Obama’s State of the Union remarks on Atlantic and Pacific trade negotiations

Source: Friends of the Earth

Posted Feb. 14, 2013 / Posted by: Lisa Matthes

Washington, D.C. — Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth, today released the following statement expressing alarm about President Obama’s remarks in his State of the Union speech regarding not only ongoing negotiations for a flawed Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, but also for new negotiations on a U.S.-European

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EU-US Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (Alert! Call for mobilisation)

Source: S2bnetwork.org

February, 2013

Alert! Call for mobilisation

President Barack Obama, EU Council President Van Rompuy and EU Commission President Barroso committed on Feb 13 to start EU-US trade and investment negotiations, which may strongly affect social, labor and environmental rights in both sides of the Atlantic and deepen global trade and investment liberalization. Indeed, elites from both sides explicitly aim at greater transatlantic

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EU backs new transparency standards for investor-state dispute settlement

Source: Trade.ec.europa.eu

Press release

Brussels, 11 February 2013

The European Union supported new United Nations rules for greater transparency in disputes between investors and host countries. On Friday 8 February a United Nations Working Group agreed the new rules which will make such dispute settlement procedures much more transparent. The public will have access to the documents submitted, hearings will be open to the

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Profiting from Injustice: challenging the investment arbitration industry

Source: Opendemocracy.net

February 9, 2013

By Cecilia Olivet and Pia Eberhardt

Corporations have been granted the exclusive right to sue states (states cannot sue corporations) at secretive international tribunals for action deemed to unfairly affect investors’ profits.

While worldwide attention was centred recently on the World Economic Forum in Davos, the concurrent biannual Summit of the Heads of State from Latin America, the Caribbean,

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Excessive corporate rights in Canada-EU trade deal are unacceptable to broad section of European, Canadian and Quebec society

Source: Bilaterals.org

Trade Justice Network * Quebec Network on Continental Integration * Seattle to Brussels Network

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM and OTTAWA, ONTARIO and MONTREAL, QUEBEC — (Marketwire) — 02/05/13 — Labour, environmental, Indigenous, women’s, academic, health sector and fair trade organizations from Europe, Canada and Quebec representing more than 65 million people are demanding that Canada and the EU stop negotiating an excessive and controversial

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Obama puts trade at heart of agenda

Source: Ft.com

February 4, 2013

By Richard McGregor in Washington

The Obama administration is readying several new cabinet appointments which will put the president’s seal on what is likely to be a significantly expanded second-term agenda for trade and the international economy.

After a first term in which domestic priorities largely shunted aside an activist international economic policy, the administration already has two potentially

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Dirty profits – Report on Companies and Financial Institutions Benefi ting from Violations of Human Rights

Source: Facing-finance.org

This report addresses proven and postulated violations of human and environmental rights by multinational corporations and discloses the financial institutions (FIs) which benefit from these activities.

Dirty Profits summarizes cases of companies which are heavily criticised for their poor environmental, social, and/or governance performance by stakeholders such as courts, politicians, regulators, NGOs, local communities, and the media. Often these cases concern proven

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New report: Impunity Inc. Tools for reflection on the “super rights” and “super powers” of corporate capital

Source: Stopcorporateimpunity.org Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización

(includes interactive MAP)

ODG and TNI, Barcelona, January 2013

Impunity Inc. has been undertaken as part of the Campaign Dismantle corporate power and stop impunity!. It aims to provide, throughthree case studies, tools for reflection on the “super” rights and “super powers” of transnational corporations. We report abuses and labour rights violations that occur daily in the clothes factories in Morocco,

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Government of El Salvador asked once again to take leadership in banning metallic mining

Source: Stop El Salvador Gold Mining

San Salvador, February 4th, 2012

The NationalRoundtable Against Metallic Mining in El Salvador(La Mesa) reiterated in a press conference this morning its petition for the Salvadoran Government to introduce legislation to place a definite ban to metallic mining in the country.

The call was made as a response to a recent report released by the El Salvador’s Human

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Korea-Belgium investment agreement, a hole for investor lawsuits

Source: Bilaterals.org

February 1, 2013

By Kim Ji-hwan

he Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is facing challenges in negotiating revisions of a bilateral investment treaty with Belgium. The U.S.-based private equity fund, Lone Star filed for an investor-state dispute settlement against the South Korean government through a paper company they established in Belgium.

This has triggered the South Korean government to revise an

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Are investors running wild on land?

Source: Traidcraft.co.uk

Traidcraft Trade and Investment Policy Advisor Rebecca Varghese Buchholz on the worrying trend of land acquisitions in developing countries…

30 January 2013

The increasing scale and pace of land acquisitions in developing countries is a worrying trend. Is this investment leading to greater food insecurity and human rights violations as communities are being pushed off their land and their access to

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