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Economic negotiations: Pakistan rejects US draft of investment treaty

Source: Tribune.com.pk

By Shahbaz Rana March 13, 2015 ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has rejected the United States’ proposed draft of a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) between the two countries, saying the acceptance of the US template would carry ‘dangerous obligations’ for the country. 

“Our understanding is that the US template of the BIT was not in the best interest of the country,” said Federal Minister for Commerce, Khurram Dastgir

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Is ICSID heading in the wrong direction?

Source: Bilaterals.org

March 3, 2015

GAR | 24 Feb 2015

Is ICSID heading in the wrong direction?

As ICSID celebrates the 50th anniversary of its creation this week, a former acting secretary general of the centre, Nassib Ziadé, says it’s time to talk about some of its problems – including flawed appointment processes and a lack of guidance on arbitrator challenges.

For several years

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New bilateral investment treaty model

Source: Dawn.com


The Board of Investment is working on Pakistan’s own template of a bilateral investment treaty, which will replace the existing treaties with different countries. And all the future ones will be negotiated on the new template.

An essential element of the country’s own BIT model would be to safeguard the interests of the state. The government of Pakistan

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France makes U-turn on TTIP arbitration

Source: Euractiv.com


Paris has warned French MEPs not to shut the door on Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanisms by voting against ISDS. EurActiv France reports.

In a letter to French MEPs, seen by EurActiv France, the French Secretariat General for European Affairs (SGAE) appears to have made a U-turn on the position so far defended by Mathias Fekl, the Secretary of State for Foreign Trade.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership clause everyone should oppose

Source: Washingtonpost.com

By Elizabeth Warren February 25 Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, represents Massachusetts in the Senate.

The United States is in the final stages of negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive free-trade agreement with Mexico, Canada, Japan, Singapore and seven other countries. Who will benefit from the TPP? American workers? Consumers? Small businesses? Taxpayers? Or the biggest multinational corporations in the world?

One strong hint is

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Update on Indonesia BITs Review

Source: Igj.or.id

Februari 24, 2015

Suasana diskusi bersama Direktur Kerjasama Bilateral BKPM (18/02/15), Bapak Fritz Horas Silalahi (pojok kiri), membahas mengenai progress review BITs di Indonesia. Hadir dalam diskusi tersebut (Ka-Ki) Rika Febriani (IGJ), Hexa (Kruha), Lutfiyah Hanim (TWN), dan Rachmi Hertanti (IGJ).

Jakarta, 18 Februari 2015. Indonesia for Global Justice (IGJ) bersama jaringan Masyarakat Sipil Indonesia bertemu dengan Direktur Kerjasama Bilateral Badan Koordinasi

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Canada being sued for billions under NAFTA investor protections

Source: Thestar.com / By Les Whittington / January, 13 2015

TTIP: Activists triumph as contentious US free trade deal clause suspended

Source: Independent.co.uk / January 13, 2014

European Commission publishes TTIP legal texts as part of transparency initiative

Source: Europa.eu / European Commission – Press release / Brussels, 07 January 2015

Commission consultation on investor rights in TTIP makes a mockery of democracy

Source: Corporateeurope.org / January 13, 2015

Stopping the Biggest Corporate Power Grab in Years

Source: Fpif.org / By Arthur Stamoulis / January 6, 2015

DECODED: How Companies Sue Countries (and what it means for environmental laws)

Source: Beaconreader.com / By Amy Westervelt / January 5, 2015

How CETA’s Investor Protection Rules threaten the Public Good in Canada and the EU

Source: Tni.org / By Pia Eberhardt, Blair Redlin, Cecile Toubeau / November 18, 2014

The case of Newmont Mining vs Indonesia

Source: Tni.org / By Hilde van der Pas, Riza Damanik / November 12, 2014

The State of Play in Vattenfall v. Germany II: Leaving the German public in the dark

Source: IISD.org / By Nathalie Bernasconi-Osterwalder, Martin Dietrich Brauch/ December 24, 2014

Short film: Investor State Dispute Settlement and Financial Crises

Source: Weed-online.org / December 10, 2014

Expert Meeting on Transformation of the International Investment Agreement Regime

Source: Investmentpolicyhub.unctad.org / December, 2014

Case Studies: Investor-State Attacks on Public Interest Policies

Source: Citizen.org / December, 2014

International Investment Rules “Out of Sync” with 21st Century Challenges; Speech at UN preparatory event for the Financing for Development Summit

Source: Ips-dc.org / By Sarah Anderson / December 11, 2014

When Corporations Sue Governments

Source: Nytimes.com / December 3, 2014 / Op ed by Manuel Pérez-Rocha in the New York Times and International New York Times

What ‘Free Trade’ Has Done to Central America

Source: Thenation.com / Manuel Pérez-Rocha, Julia Paley and Foreign Policy In Focus / November 24, 2014

Fracking, Free Trade Agreements, and the Mechanisms of Corporate Power

Source: Democracyctr.org / By Thomas Mc Donagh / October 16, 2014

“Remembering the Tokyo No Fifty Years Later: When 21 Countries Opposed World Bank Plans for an Investor-State Dispute Institution”

Source: Triplecrisis.com / By Robin Broad / December, 2014

Corporate Conquistadors: The Many Ways Multinationals Both Drive and Profit from Climate Destruction

By Democracy Center – Corporate Europe Observatory – Transnational Institute / December, 2014

Venezuela Loses Chilean/Swiss Expropriation Case at World Bank ICSID Tribunal

Source: Laht.com / November, 2014

Gold Reserve wins US$740M in ‘stunning victory’ against Venezuela

Source: Northernminer.com / October 22, 2014

Tide turns on investor treaties

Source: Thestar.com.my / By Martin Khor / November 24, 2014

South Africa and Ecuador Lead By Example; Investment Treaties Bring More Risk Than Benefit

Source: Triplecrisis.com / By Kevin Gallagher / November, 2014

Chinese corporations allowed to sue Australian government under free trade agreement

Source: Smh.com.au / By Gareth Hutchens/ November 18, 2014

China free trade: is there a devil in the detail?

Source: Abc.net.au / By Kyla Tienhaara / November 16, 2014

The Corporate Assault on Latin American Democracy

Source: Counterpunch.org / By Justin Doolittle / November 3, 2014

Why support the TPP when it will let foreign corporations take our democracies to court?

Source: Theguardian.com / By Melissa Parke / October 29, 2014

Media coverage of AFTINET protest at TPP Ministers meeting October 25

Source: Aftinet.org.au / October, 2014