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The Network for Justice in Global Investment is a joint effort by citizens and organizations in a variety of countries to challenge one of the most anti-democratic aspects of the global economic order – the rules governing international investment. Read More.


Business v state investment disputes in EU spotlight

Source: Bbc.com / by Andrew Walker – BBC World Service Economics correspondent / June 11, 2014

A world run for shareholders

Source: Mondediplo.com/ by Serge Halimi / June, 2014

UN treaty urgently needed for human rights defenders, says new report

Source: Foei.org

10 June, 2014

GENEVA (SWITZERLAND) 10 June 2014 – Defenders of the environment often face terrible consequences for their actions, suffering rights violations and violence, according to a new report by Friends of the Earth International to be released on June 26, during the 26th Session of the U.N. Human Rights Council on June 10-27. [1]

“A new case of violence

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Webinar with Howard Mann on CETA Investment & ISDS

Source: Council of Canadians / June 6, 2014

Are treaty parties clawing back investment protections?

Source: Globalarbitrationreview.com / Sebastian Perry / June 5, 2014

193 European parliament election candidates pledge to support 9 key proposals for a fair and sustainable trade policy in the European Union

Source: Alternativetrademandate.org

June 2, 2014

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93 European parliament election candidates pledge to support 9 key proposals for a fair and sustainable trade policy in the European Union


At the eve of the final day of the European elections, which will design the 751 members of

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Regulating Capital Flows in Emerging Markets: the IMF and the Global Financial Crisis

Source: Bu.edu GEGI Working Paper Series / By Kevin P. Gallagher and Yuan Tian / May, 2014

Column: Make BIT reviews transparent

Source: Financialexpress.com / May 29 2014

Corporate capture: Europe trade talks threaten environment

Source: Foe.org / by Bill Waren /May 29, 2014

Investor-to-state dispute settlement is a rigged system

Source: Acta.ffii.org / May 28, 2014

De Gucht assures that TTIP will probably be a mixed agreement

Source: Bilaterals.org / May 26, 2014

TTIP statement from the 2014 Congress of the Nordic Transport Workers’ Federation

Source: Velferdsstaten.no / Malmoe, Sweden, May 22-23, 2014

Pan-EU civil society coalition rejects US-EU free trade deal process

Source: Corporateeurope.org / May 21, 2014

People, environment and democracy before profit and corporate rights:

a Joint statement of European Civil Society groups working against the TTIP threat Source: Bilaterals.org / May 21,2014

Broad Pan-EU civil society coalition rejects US-EU free trade deal process

Source: Tni.org

21 May 2014

More than 120 organisations critizise the corporate agenda in the TTIP negotiations

With the fifth round of negotiations under way between 19th-23rd May in Arlington/USA, a fundamental change in the negotiating on the EU-US free trade agreement is being demanded by an EU-wide coalition of 120 groups in a joint statement released today. The environmental groups, social movements, consumer

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Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) not in Australia’s interest, say community organisations

Source: Aftinet.org.au


As TPP Trade Ministers from 12 Pacific Rim countries meet in Singapore, fair trade, public health, environment, church, unions and other community groups have endorsed a letter to Trade Minister Andrew Robb. The letter calls on the Minister to reject harmful proposals in the TPP, which should not be agreed in secret negotiations.

The letter was signed by 46 diverse groups,

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Read The Secret Trade Memo Calling For More Fracking and Offshore Drilling

Source: Huffingtonpost.com / by Zach Carter , Kate Sheppard / May 19, 2014

Vote in favour of fair and sustainable trade on 22 May

Source: Bothends.org

19 May 2014 On 22 May European citizens will head to the polls to vote for the European Parliament. The outcome will have a major impact on the policies emanating from Brussels. These elections are not just about the choice for or against Europe, but about what kind of Europe we want. Trade and investment policy is an important part of the

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Seeds of Food Sovereignty Grow in the Shadow of CAFTA

Source: Truth-out.org

19 May 2014

By Aaron Voit, Ecoviva | Report

In the face of mounting pressure from free trade agreements and transnational corporations, the people who produce, distribute, and consume food are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a just and equitable local food system. In response, small-scale farmers around the world are calling for food sovereignty, the right of communities to healthy, culturally

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‘Tobacco tax’ may hit businesses

Source: Gulf-daily-news.com

May 18, 2014

MANAMA: Bahrain may lose more than BD100 million every year if a controversial move to triple ‘tobacco tax’ is implemented, say businessmen.

Most hit by the planned increase of 100 per cent to 300pc in import duties will be coffee shops, duty free and the wider retail sector, they pointed out.

Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) member

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Proposed plans for US-EU trade deal would weaken health, consumer, worker and environmental protections

Source: Corporateeurope.org / May 12, 2014

Obama-Merkel Summit Presents Perfect Opportunity to Drop Controversial Foreign ‘Investor-State’ Rights in U.S.-EU Trade Pact

Source: Citizen.org / May 1, 2014

ISDS threatens privacy and reform of copyright and patent law

Source: Acta.ffii.org / April 30, 2014

BIPAs not serving India’s interest: Commerce Ministry

Source: Bilaterals.org / May 21, 2014

Improving Investment Treaties through General Exceptions Provisions: The Australian Example

Source: Cato.org / by Simon Lester / May 14, 2014.

178 Groups Demand Answers About TTIP’s Climate Impact

Source: Ecowatch.com / May 14, 2014

Investor-state arbitration system needs ‘complete overhaul’

Source: Bilaterals.org / by Kuala Lumpur / May 9, 2014

CAP calls on government to make no concessions in forthcoming TPP meetings

Source: Consumer.org.my

Obama’s visit did not give any new assurance that Malaysia’s demands will be met

The Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) is concerned that despite the lack of any signs that the United States of America is able to guarantee it can stand by any deal made in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), the negotiations on the TPPA are going full steam ahead

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Global Movement for a Binding Treaty

Source: Tni.org

7 May 2014

Social Movements, NGOs and Human Rights Groups “Call on U.N. Human Rights Council to start developing a treaty to tackle corporate human rights violations”,

The Treaty Alliance calls on UN Human Rights Council members to support an initiative in June that would begin a process towards creating an international treaty to address corporate human rights violations.

Press release English

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U.N. Treaty on Corporate Rights Abuse Sees New Momentum

Source: Ipsnews.net

By Carey L. Biron

The U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) is being urged to back a resolution next month to draw up a binding accord that would ensure both accountability and mechanisms for redress by victims of corporate rights abuse. Credit: Omid Memarian/IPS

WASHINGTON, May 7 2014 (IPS) – Some 500 global groups are calling for action by governments next month

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Crossing the Ocean By Feeling For the BITs: Investor-State Arbitration in China’s Bilateral Investment Treaties

Source: Bu.edu GEGI Working Paper Series / By Amos Irwin / May, 2014

Protests followed Obama from Malaysia to Manila this week, while more than 3 million across the U.S. spoke out against the TPP. Help spread the word today!

Source: Us2.campaign-archive2.com

Protests followed Obama from Malaysia to Manila this week, while more than 3 million across the U.S. spoke out against the TPP. Help spread the word today!

Southern Tagalog Exposure — Hundreds gather to resist U.S. economic and military aggression in Manila.

President Obama returned from his trip to Asia this Tuesday, after activists on both sides of the Pacific raised their voices against the TPP

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“If you read, write, publish, think, listen, dance, sing or invent, the TPP has you in its crosshairs”

Source: Indexoncensorship.org

By Alastair Sloan / 30 April, 2014

A sign saying “trading profits over people” during a rally to protest the proposed TPP trade agreement and NAFTA Agreement on January 31, 2014 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo: Shutterstock)

As President Barack Obama returns from Asia trade talks today, freedom of speech campaigners plan to deliver nearly three million signatures to the White House,

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