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The “Anti-ISDS Bill” before the Australian Senate

Source: Kluwerarbitrationblog.com

August 27, 2014

By Luke Nottage, Sydney Law School

Indonesia is not the only Asia-Pacific nation that is reassessing investment treaties containing provisions on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS, especially arbitration). India announced a review in 2013, partly in the wake of the successful claim from an Australian mining investor, although the impact in practice is hard to discern or predict – especially under the new Modi government. In both countries,

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Labor and Liberal in lock-step on Trojan Horse Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions in Trade deals

Source: Media-senatorwhish-wilson.cmail1.com

August 27, 2014

Media Release // Senator Peter Whish-Wilson

The Greens spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson says that when it comes to failing to protect the public interest from corporations being given rights to sue Australia, there is no difference between Labor and Liberal.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “Despite the overwhelming weight of evidence presented and submissions received for the

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Progress and significance of Bolivia’s accession to MERCOSUR

Source: Iadb.org

August, 2014

Progress has been made in the last month in the process of Bolivia’s incorporation to MERCOSUR.[1]On the one hand, the Protocol of Bolivia’s Accession to the bloc, signed in December 2012, was ratified by Argentina, and Uruguay enacted a law to the same effect. Paraguay also expressed its intention to move forward in this area and is to open negotiations with the Bolivian Government, as

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S&D Group president Gianni Pittella: “We oppose ISDS mechanism in EU-Canada trade deal”

Source: Socialistsanddemocrats.eu


“The Commission should listen to the concerns voiced by the European Parliament and the S&D Group about the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS) in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada.

“It will be up to the Parliament – the democratic conscience of EU trade policy – to decide whether or not to ratify CETA.


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Manila a step closer to sealing int’l trade pact

Source: Business.inquirer.net

August 25th, 2014

By Amy R. Remo |Philippine Daily Inquirer

PH in a better position to become part of Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Philippines is expected to gain a favorable position in its bid to become part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), considered to be the country’s only chance to have a trade agreement with the United States, given recent moves to further liberalize the local

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A Chinese-Style Asia-Pacific Partnership

Source: Bjreview.com.cn

August 24, 2014

APEC meetings lay the groundwork for enhanced economic cooperation

By An Gang

SEEKING CONSENSUS: The APEC 2014 Third Senior Officials’ Meeting continues its session at the Beijing Hotel in Beijing on August 20 (CNSPHOTO)

Since China became slated to host the 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit two years ago, the Chinese Government has poured a slew of

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Jindal Steel and Power Ltd wins $22.5 million arbitration against Bolivian firm

Source: Articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com

Aug 23, 2014

BHUBANESHWAR: Naveen Jindal’s JSPL says its stand against the BOlivian government has been vindicated by Paris based the International Chamber of Commerce which has ordered Evo Morales’ Bolivian government to pay the company $22.5 million. Jindal’s Bolivian dream of mining one half of the 40 billion El Mutun iron ore and setting up downstream plant had turned sour, with both parties blaming each

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In the name of ‘free trade’ our public health-care system is forced to swallow another poison pill

Source: Rabble.ca

AUGUST 18, 2014


There has been a substantial amount of discussion surrounding the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) with the European Union (EU), but when it comes to the media one thing that seems to have slipped under the radar is the hugely detrimental affects this deal could have on our public health care system.

Last week we saw

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Source: Blogs.computerworlduk.com

18 August 14

Open Enterprise

Glyn Moody

According to the publication “Inside US Trade”, which tends to be pretty good when it comes to sourcing its information, the next round of TTIP talks won’t take place until the end of September – obviously the negotiators felt they needed a holiday after all the excitement of the last year. But even ifTTIP news is thin on

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TPPA: Shocking US certification process that violates country’s sovereignty

Source: Consumer.org

Press release, 14 August 2014

The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) is deeply concerned by the shocking process by which the United States of America (USA) squeezes more concessions from other countries it negotiates free trade agreements (FTAs) with, even after the treaty’s text is signed. This was outlined in new research released yesterday at http://tppnocertification.org/. This process of one-sided extraction

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Tell USTR: No Special Rights for Corporations in the US-EU Trade Agreement

Source: Citizenstrade.org

August 14, 2014

Once again, transnational corporations are hoping that a free trade agreement will become a back-door means for them to force environmental deregulation — this time through a massive new pact with the European Union.

The federal government is currently conducting an environmental review of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and part of that review includes accepting

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More Philip Morris Style Cases Is The Very Point Of The Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership

Source: Forbes.com

Forbes Opinion

By Tim Worstall August 13, 2014 The World Development Movement (WDM) has got itself into a bit of a tizzy over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations. They’re running a campaign to stop it being signed but they’re rather failed to understand the point of the agreement in the first place. They’re complaining that the agreement will protect

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German television show leaks CETA, Council of Canadians says deal will not survive public scrutiny

Source: Canadians.org

August 13, 2014 Media Availability

The Council of Canadians is pleased that the Canada-EU trade deal, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), has seen the light of day after German television show Tagesschau provided the full text online this afternoon.

“Throughout the process, this agreement and its devastating impacts have been kept locked away from legislators and the public, shielded from a democratic

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Secret Details of Canada-EU Pact Prompt Scrutiny

Source: Thestar.com

While still secret here, details of sweeping free-trade deal are emerging from Europe.

By: Les Whittington Ottawa Bureau reporter, Published on Wed Aug 13 2014

DRIAN WYLD / THE CANADIAN PRESS FILE PHOTOStephen Harper, who last fall signed a tentative agreement on CETA, is expected to host a Canada-EU summit next month in Ottawa to officially approve the version of the pact that is

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Jane Kelsey: Trade deal hands US power to rewrite NZ laws

Source: Nzherald.co.nz

Aug 12, 2014

The US basically claims the right to decide what a country’s obligations are under a trade and investment agreement. Photo / Thinkstock

“Certification” seems a benign enough word. But it hides an extraordinary power that the United States is expected to assert if the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is concluded.

The US basically claims the right to decide what

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Philip Morris International threatens to sue Government if plain packaging introduced

Source: Independent.co.uk

12 August 2014

Public Health England has said that the evidence in favour of plain packaging is ‘irrefutable’

One of the world’s largest tobacco companies is threatening to sue the Government for billions of pounds in compensation if it makes plain cigarette packaging compulsory.

Philip Morris International, which makes the Marlboro brand, said it was prepared to “seek fair compensation” in

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Despite the pronouncements, Canada-EU trade deal not set in stone

Source: Theglobeandmail.com

Aug. 10 2014

At 1,500 pages in length and five years in the making, the far-reaching Canada-Europe free trade deal struck last week is undeniably a major milestone.

And yet the Conservative government quietly marked the long-sought final agreement with a terse five-paragraph statement on a quiet August afternoon.

No ceremony. No text. Sparse Details. And not a single government official would

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Special Privileges: Dr Pat Ranald from AFTINET on Investor-State Dispute Settlement

Source: IP Observatory

Publicado el 10/08/2014

Dr Pat Ranald from AFTINET gave evidence on investor-state dispute settlement to the Senate Committee for Foreign Affairs Defence & Trade on the 6th August 2014.

Canada-EU Trade Deal Text Leaked By German TV

Source: Huffingtonpost.ca


The Huffington Post Canada  | By Daniel Tencer

Prime Minister Stephen Harper with European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso. | CP

A German news show has published what it says is the text of the Canada-EU free trade deal.

More than 520 pages of the 1,500-page document were posted to the website ofGerman TV network ARD’s news show Tagesschau on Wednesday.

According to

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Why Germany Is Backing Away From a Trade Deal that Lets Corporations Sue the Government

Source: Yesmagazine.org

Aug 06, 2014

A new round of international trade agreements threatens to increase corporate power over national governments. But news out of Germany suggests the deals aren’t inevitable. by Alexis Goldstein In a move that has many on the left cautiously celebrating, Reuters reported on July 28 that Germany might reject a new trade agreement between Canada and the European Union.

Some commentators see Germany’s move

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Don’t let foreign investors sue governments over domestic laws, fair trade groups tell Senate inquiry

Source: Aftinet.org.au

August 6, 2014

“Foreign investors should not have special rights to sue Australian governments for millions of dollars in international tribunals over domestic laws,” Dr Patricia Ranald, Convenor of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINET) said today. “The Philip Morris tobacco company is currently using such rights in an obscure Australia-Hong Kong investment agreement to sue the

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Finalised EU-Canada deal grants excessive investor rights

Source: Beuc.eu



The EU/Canada trade deal just announced includes controversial plans to enable individual companies to challenge government decisions before arbitration panels – known as Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). There is political intent to include a similar scheme in the current EU/US trade deal talks (known as TTIP or Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

Monique Goyens, Director General of The

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CETA will likely be signed, but it will also implode

Source: Canadians.org

By Brent Patterson Political director of the Council of Canadians.

August 6, 2014

On Tuesday August 5, the Harper government announced – via a brief news release, a teleconference call, and strangely an online video – that negotiators had finalized the 1,500-page text of a Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

At this point, the text has reportedly been sent to

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Canada-EU free trade not done deal, Harper should not pop champagne cork yet

Source: Canadians.org

Media Availability August 5, 2014

With much fanfare, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada announced that trade negotiators have concluded negotiations on the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), even organizing a signing ceremony with the provinces on September 26 to “finalize” the deal.

However, the Council of Canadians warns that the Conservative government should not pop the champagne

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Blue Future: Maude Barlow, Water Rights, Investor Clauses, and Trade Deals

Source: Medium.com

Aug 5, 2014

Matthew Rimmer

Maude Barlow, Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever, New York: The New Press, 2013, 336 pp, ISBN-10: 1595589473 ISBN-13: 978-1595589477, http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Future-Protecting-People-Forever/dp/1595589473

Maude Barlow is the chairperson of the Council of Canadians, and the founder of the Blue Planet Project. She is a recipient of Sweden’s Right Livelihood Award, and a Lannan Cultural Freedom Fellowship.

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CETA ‘should be initialed by September 25′: EU Trade Commissioner

Source: Bilaterals.org


By BJ Siekierski

The end of the Canada-EU trade agreement (CETA) technical negotiations are “in sight” and the deal should be initialed in time for a late September bilateral summit in Ottawa, EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht said Tuesday.

As the EU continues separate negotiations with the U.S., however, the trade commissioner warned that shifting European views on Investor-State Dispute

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Germany Grumbles Over Investor Tribunals in EU-Canada Trade Deal

Source: Blogs.wsj.com

Jul 27, 2014


One of the most controversial topics in negotiations between the U.S. and the European Union on a trade and investment deal is “investor-state dispute settlement,” which would allow foreign investors to challenge government policies in special tribunals.

Now the same issue is creating problems in another deal that was meant to be more or less

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Report: Germany to reject EU-Canada trade deal

Source: Theglobeandmail.com

Jul. 26 2014

Germany is to reject a multi-billion free trade deal between the European Union and Canada which is widely seen as a template for a bigger agreement with the United States, a leading German paper reported on Saturday.

Citing diplomats in Brussels, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung said Berlin objects to clauses outlining the legal protection offered to firms investing in the

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Oil industry’s influence ‘weakens’ safeguards for EU citizens

Source: Theparliamentmagazine.eu

by Fabian Flues on 31 July 2014

The influx of tar sands from North America will ‘pollute Europe’s fuel supply’ and hamper ‘climate ambitions’, writes Fabian Flues.

In late June this year, the oil tanker Aleksey Kosygin docked in Bilbao, Spain, carrying a novel cargo of crude oil from Albertan tar sands. It was the first to be shipped to Europe. This delivery marks a victory for an oil

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Dutch unfazed by SA’s cancelled trade treaty

Source: Bilaterals.org


SOUTH Africa’s unilateral cancellation of its bilateral investment treaty with the Netherlands, a major trade and investment partner, does not appear to have dampened the Dutch appetite for investment in the country.

Representatives of 50 Dutch companies jetted into Johannesburg and Cape Town earlier this month, led by their country’s Foreign Trade and Development Co-operation Minister, Lilianne Ploumen.

The Dutch are

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The Era of Mega-Arbitration: International Court Rules Against Russia in $50 Billion Decision

Source: Madhyam.org.in

By Kavaljit Singh

July 30, 2014

On July 28, 2014, an international arbitration tribunal under the auspices of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (The Hague) announced that Russia must pay $50.02 billion (Rs.300120 crore) in damages to former shareholders of the now defunct oil giant, Yukos Oil Company. The three-member tribunal unanimously declared that Russia breached its obligations under Article 13(1) of the

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Is CETA finally nearing the finish line?

Source: Canadians.org

August 1, 2014

Scott Harris – Trade Campaigner for the Council of Canadians.

Even by the standards of negotiations surrounding the Canada-European UnionComprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) the last week of news about the status of the negotiations has been bewildering.

Last Saturday reports surfaced quoting German diplomats in Brussels who stated that that the “German government could not sign the agreement with

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Not so fast, Mr. Harper

Source: Canadians.org

Negotiations on the proposed Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) corporate rights deal have hit a major stumbling block.

A report has just surfaced that Germany is now raising serious concerns over the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism in CETA – the part of the deal that grants foreign corporationsthe right to sue governments over laws that infringe on their corporate profit-making.

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