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The Network for Justice in Global Investment is a joint effort by citizens and organizations in a variety of countries to challenge one of the most anti-democratic aspects of the global economic order – the rules governing international investment. Read More.


AFL-CIO, More Than 40 Other Organizations Call for Public Consultations on Investor Rights in Trade Deals

Source: Aflcio.org / March 3, 2014

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Can Chile Curb the TPP?

Source: Fpif.org / By Sarah Anderson and Imara Salas / 14th February 2014. With the U.S. Congress deadlocked over trade, Chile’s progressive new government may be able to win new protections and increase transparency in the TPP talks.

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TPP – power to the corporations at the expense of the planet

Source: Theecologist.org / By Thomas Mc Donagh / 17th February 2014. The TPP trade deal would expand a system of corporate rights and private courts that threaten progress on some of our most urgent environmental issues.

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Singapore TPP talks fail to reach a deal

Source: Japan Times / By Siti Rahil and Kayo Mimizuka / 25th February 2014. Ministers from 12 Pacific-Rim countries failed Tuesday to achieve the goal of reaching a broad agreement on an envisioned regional free trade deal due to remaining gulfs over such key outstanding issues as tariff elimination.

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Say no to corporate power grabs – reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Source: Campaigns.350.org / February 26th 2014. Petition by climate change campaigning organization to TPP governments. The TPP will massively boost corporate power at the expense of our climate and environment, human and workers’ rights, sovereignty and democracy.

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A Clean Environment Is Not for Trade

Source: Huffingtonpost.com / By Ilana Solomon, Sierra Club / 24th February 2014. Last week, more than 120 members of Congress sent a clear message to the United States Trade Representative: the TPP trade pact must have a robust, fully enforceable environment chapter that addresses the core conservation challenges of the region.

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Joint Declaration: TriNational Multisectoral Forum – 20 YEARS OF NAFTA: ENOUGH FREE TRADE! NO TO THE TTP! (México D.F., 28 -31 January 2014)

On the 20th Anniversary of the signing of NAFTA, labor unions, farmers, women, environmentalists, and human rights organizations from Mexico, the United States, Canada and Quebec came together in a Tri-national Forum in Mexico City.

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Report Back (Photos) from North American Day of Action against the TPP and NAFTA in solidarity with Conference in Mexico City

Source: Flushthetpp.org

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