The Hupacasath First Nation needs your help to continue their legal battle against the Canada-China FIPA investor deal

Source: Common Frontiers

Chief & Council have extended the fundraising date to Monday Sept. 30th

On January 18, 2013, the Hupacasath First Nation of British Columbia took the first steps toward challenging the Harper government’s new corporate rights pact with China – the Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement (FIPA). That’s the day the Hupacasath filed an application in court to stop the ratification of the FIPA until the government has fulfilled its obligation to consult with First Nations about the impacts the treaty will have on their rights and their lands.

No trade or investment deal in recent memory has attracted so much opposition in Canada – and for good reason. No investment treaty since NAFTA poses a greater threat to the environment, public health, First Nations and basic notions of democracy. If the FIPA is ratified, China-based corporations will be able to directly challenge local, provincial  and federal policies that interfere with their “right” to make a profit from energy, mining or other controversial projects. Canadian firms will have the same “right” in China, which will have a direct impact on human rights and environmental protections in that country also.

The Hupacasath First Nation is doing all of us a great service by challenging the FIPA with China. Their legal battle will put Canada’s FIPAs on trial and shine an important light on how trade and investment pacts undermine democracy in Canada and around the world.

The Hupacasath’s legal challenge is our last and best chance to stop this terrible deal from being signed, but they need your help.

Please donate to this critical legal battle.