November 2010

NAFTA Chapter 11 an increasing threat to the public good

November 4, 2010 Source: CCPA All levels of government, particularly in Canada, are being targeted by investors for alleged breaches of Chapter 11, NAFTA’s investment chapter, says a new report by CCPA trade analyst Scott Sinclair. The report documents all 66 known NAFTA investor-state claims (to October 2010) and analyses recent key developments, including the Canadian government’s troubling …
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Member states put corporate rights over public interests in EU investment policy

Source: S2B Network S2B Press release: The Council of the European Union (Foreign Affairs) adopts Conclusions on the Communication from the Commission “Towards a comprehensive European international investment policy” COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, Conclusions on a comprehensive European international investment policy 3041st FOREIGN AFFAIRS Council meeting Luxembourg, 25 October 2010

Bloomberg Backs Uruguay’s Anti-Smoking Laws

November 15, 2010 Source: The New York Times By DUFF WILSON Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York telephoned the Uruguay’s president, José Mujica, on Monday morning to pledge his financial assistance to that nation’s fight against the world’s leading cigarette company. Mr. Bloomberg, a billionaire with a long record of antismoking activism, made the announcement after …
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Trade Justice Network releases “October Draft” of CETA

November 17, 2010 Source: Yesterday, the Trade Justice Network met again in Ottawa to discuss campaign work against the Canada-EU free trade negotiations. Several important new reports about the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement have come out over the past month, including a legal opinion we commissioned with the Indigenous Environmental Network on the likely impacts of the …
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Report: Human Rights Impact Assessments for Trade and Investment Agreements

Source: A new report setting out key issues and methodologies for conducting human rights impact assessments (HRIAs) for trade and investment agreements is now available on the Human Rights Impact Resource Centre website.   There have been widespread calls for States to undertake HRIAs ahead of concluding trade agreements, but limited international consensus on how to do so.  …
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Salvadoran & International Organizations Step Up Resistance to Mining Company

November, 2010 Source: U.S.-El Salvador Sister Cities Phase One of the Commerce Group vs. the Government of El Salvador Hearings Complete On Monday, November 15th the Milwaukee based mining company Commerce Group and San Sebastian Mines Inc squared off against the government of El Salvador in the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), a part …
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Ecuador reaches deal with most oil companies

November 24, 2010 Source: Financial Times By Naomi Mapstone in Lima Petrobras, Brazil’s national oil company, was the only major foreign oil company holding out on a new contract with Ecuador on Tuesday night, paving the way for a possible exit from the Andean nation. Repsol of Spain, Eni of Italy, Andes Petroleum and PetroOriental of …
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Bolivia settles bitterly-contested arbitration with Telecom Italia; UK power company prepared to pursue arbitration over power generation nationalization

November 25, 2010 Source: IAReporter By Luke Eric Peterson An Italian telecoms firm, Telecom Italia, has walked away from a bitterly-fought arbitration with the Plurinational State of Bolivia with $100 Million (US) in compensation, as well as certain service-provision plans for the future. Telecom Italia had sought some $250 Million (US) following the 2007 nationalization of …
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