A Call for the Building of an Alternative Legal Framework to the International Investment Treaties: favoring the Public Interest while doing away with Transnational Corporate Impunity

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This is a document prepared by the Working Group on Investment of the Americas which includes people from several organizations and networks seeking to ensure that international trade and investment is based on social justice and respect for the environment.

The objective of this document is to contribute to the ongoing debate and promote a coming together in regard to investment rules that conform to the existing paradigm on which Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) are built. It seeks to incorporate proposals that have for some time been in the process of elaboration by actors from civil society, social movements, academics, and legal experts.

The document contains an analysis of the international investment agreements’ regime, a series of proposed principles for the construction of alternative frameworks for international investment and a Call for the discussion and construction of a basic common agenda.

The document  is also available in:

Español: Llamamiento a la construcción de un marco legal alternativo a los Acuerdos Internacionales de Inversión, Mayo 2014

Français:  Appel à la construction d’un cadre juridique alternatif aux Accords internationaux d’investissement, Mai 2014