US business defends capital controls in trade pacts

Source: reuters.com

WASHINGTON Feb 8 (Reuters) – A coalition of leading business groups has urged the Obama administration to reject a call to give U.S. free trade partners more freedom to control the flow of capital in and out of their countries.

Loosening rules on capital controls in future free trade agreements and bilateral investment

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El Salvador’s Gold Fight

Source: Foreign Policy In Focus

By Michael Busch

As El Salvador transitions from decades of conservative rule to the administration of leftist President Mauricio Funes, the country faces an international showdown triggered by a restrictive free-trade agreement between the United States and Central America. Canada’s Pacific Rim Mining Corporation is suing the government for its refusal to allow it to mine gold in El Salvador’s rural north.

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Harper, EU leaders celebrate trade deal they haven’t sealed

Source: Cbc.ca

Negotiators finish 5 years of CETA talks, but uncertain ratification, political sales job lie ahead

ANALYSIS 5:00 AM ETJanyce McGregor, CBC News

Prime Minister Stephen Harper may be all smiles during his summit with European Union leaders in Ottawa Friday, as they celebrate the end of five years of tough trade negotiations on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

But Canadians

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Capital Controls and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Source: Institute for Policy Studies

The first trade agreement to be negotiated by the Obama administration should allow governments to control volatile capital flows.

U.S. negotiators are hardliners against capital controls in current Trans-Pacific trade talks with eight other countries.  Their position is more rigid than the International Monetary Fund and previous U.S. regimes, including the Reagan administration.

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Philip Morris vs. Uruguay

Source: Foreign Policy In Focus (FPIF)

Philip Morris International believes Uruguay is Marlboro Country. On February 19, the tobacco giant filed a lawsuit against that country, charging that new health measures involving cigarette packaging amount to unfair treatment of the company.

Uruguay’s new legislation, submitted in June 2009 and expected to go into effect in March 2010, requires that

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