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Argentine Crisis Arbitration Awards Pile Up, but Investors Still Wait for a Payout

Posted 25-June-2009 at Law.com

By Luke Eric Peterson

In September 2007, executives at CMS Gas Transmission Co. had good reason to believe that the company would soon be getting a sizable check in the mail. The Michigan energy firm had been the first of dozens of foreign multinationals to file damages claims against the government of Argentina following that country’s peso devaluation in early

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President Correa speaks at U.N. event ‘Peoples Rights not Corporate Profits’

Photo from El Telegrafo

By Melissa Draper

Over 500 people packed the cavernous, almost regal ECOSOC Chamber of the United Nations headquarters to hear President Correa of Ecuador speak last Thursday, June 25. It was a side event to the UN Summit on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development. Some of those 500 people were merely there to

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