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Network for Justice in Global Investment Advisory Committee

  • Alberto Arroyo, RMALC, México
  • Angel Ibarra, Unidad Ecológica Salvadoreña, El Salvador
  • Elizabeth Peredo Beltran, Fundación Solón, Bolivia
  • Sebastian Valdomir, REDES Amigos de las Tierras, Uruguay
  • Jeff Conant, Red VIDA,United States
  • Maude Barlow, Council of the Canadians, Canada
  • David Schneiderman, University of Toronto, Canada
  • William Waren, Forum on Democracy & Trade, United States
  • Sarah Anderson and Manuel Perez Rocha, Institute for Policy Studies, United States
  • Jim Shultz, Democracy Center, Bolivia
  • Graciela Rodríguez, Equit/REBRIP, Brasil
  • Brid Brennan, Transnational Institute, Amsterdam


Manuel Perez Rocha
Institute for Policy Studies

Aldo Orellana Lopez
The Democracy Center

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Newsletter # 28
May/June/July 2014

Dear friends,

Welcome to newsletter # 28 of the Network for Justice in Global Investment (NJGI).

In this issue we report on what Bolivia is doing to dismantle the system of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). We interviewed the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Integration in Bolivia, who told us about the process of denouncing Bolivia’s existing BITs and the establishment of a new foreign investment framework based on the Constitution and the New Investment Law.  We also present an important new document developed by the Working Group on Investment of the Americas, “A Call for the Building of an Alternative Legal Framework to the International Investment Treaties: favoring the Public Interest while doing away with Transnational Corporate Impunity”.

We’re also pleased to publicize the UN Human Rights Council’s just-adopted resolution to form an intergovernmental working group for the creation of a binding treaty on human rights obligations for Transnational Corporations. This step forward is thanks to the hard work of many civil society groups, including the Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power and the Peoples Permanent Tribunal, which has lifted up examples of corporate abuse, including the Pacific Rim case against El Salvador.

Finally, we offer a compilation of news and articles about ISDS, the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP/TAFTA) and other free trade agreements and investment treaties.


Remember that more resources and analysis about the debate on global investment rules are available on our website.  You can also follow us on Facebook here and on Twitter @JustNJGI.


Institute for Policy Studies
The Democracy Center

In Focus – Campaigns & Strategy

New Report: Bolivia denounces its Bilateral Investment Treaties and attempts to put an end to the Power of Corporations to sue the country in International Tribunals

In this report, the Democracy Center’s Aldo Orellana Lopéz takes a look at Bolivia’s attempts to unravel the web of trade and investment agreements entered into by previous governments. Based on an interview with the Deputy Minister for Trade and Integration of Bolivia, Walter Clarems Endara Vera, the report looks at the process of bringing the national investment framework in line with the country’s new Constitution and the new investment law passed in April of this year.

A Call for the Building of an Alternative Legal Framework to the International Investment Treaties: favoring the Public Interest while doing away with Transnational Corporate Impunity

by Working Group on Investment of the Americas

Social Movements celebrate historic UN vote against impunity

Source: / June 26, 2014 (Also read: Historic : the Human Rights Council decides to launch negotiations on new binding international norms concerning the human rights responsibilities of TNCs!; International Jury rules in favor of binding laws for Transnational Corporations; Special Broadcast / Stop Corporate Impunity – Geneva 2014, Real World Radio, etc.)

Call for Action: take part in EU Consultation and mobilize against unacceptable investor privileges

NO TO ISDS: NOT NOW, NOT HERE AND NOT FOR US! Let the European Commission know that you reject privileged rights for private investors! / Source:

CEO’s response to the commission’s consultation on investor privileges

Source: / June 24, 2014

Trade Justice Movement says no to ISDS

Source: / June 23, 2014

In Focus – Analysis & Opinion

Now is the time to call for a Binding Treaty

Source: / by Brid Brennan and Gonzalo Berrón / June 18, 2014 (Also read: UN meeting provides historic opportunity to stop corporate impunity; UN treaty urgently needed for human rights defenders, says new report)

US & EU Oppose Stronger Regulation of Corporations at HRC Despite Compatibility with Guiding Principles

Source: / by Nora Mardirossian / June 22, 2014

Pacific Rim/Oceana Gold taken to trial in Geneva for violations of human rights in El Salvador

Source: / by International Allies against Mining in El Salvador / June 26, 2014

People, environment and democracy before profit and corporate rights:

a Joint statement of European Civil Society groups working against the TTIP threat Source: / May 21,2014

Other Hot Topics:

IIA Issues Note – Reform of the IIA Regime: Four Paths of Action and a Way Forward

Source: / Jun 26, 2014

UNCTAD Launches Information Note Analyzing ISDS Cases Involving the US or EU Member States, or their investors

Source: / Jun 20, 2014

UNCTAD: Trends in Outward Investments by TNCs in 2013 and Prospects for 2014-15


Canada setting new global standard for TPP secrecy

Source: / Media Release June 27, 2014

The Pacific trade deal, Fast Track, and the 2014 elections

Source: / by: Bill Waren / June 20, 2014

Open for Litigation: Australia, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Source: / 28 May, 2014

Little to gain and much to lose for Australia in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Source: / by Jemma Williams

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) not in Australia’s interest, say community organisations

Source: / May 20, 2014

Mainstream media silence on investor-state dispute settlements in the TPPA

Source: / by Prof Jane Kelsey / May 14, 2014

Guatemalans file lawsuit against Canadian mining company for 2013 shooting

Source: CCIJ.CA /, June 18, 2014

Ecuador forced to accept a free trade agreement without negotiations

Seattle to Brussels Network / Source: / June 13, 2014

Business v state investment disputes in EU spotlight

Source: / by Andrew Walker – BBC World Service Economics correspondent / June 11, 2014

A world run for shareholders

Source: by Serge Halimi / June, 2014

Webinar with Howard Mann on CETA Investment & ISDS

Source: Council of Canadians / June 6, 2014

Are treaty parties clawing back investment protections?

Source: / Sebastian Perry / June 5, 2014

Regulating Capital Flows in Emerging Markets: the IMF and the Global Financial Crisis

Source: GEGI Working Paper Series / By Kevin P. Gallagher and Yuan Tian / May, 2014

Column: Make BIT reviews transparent

Source: / May 29 2014

Corporate capture: Europe trade talks threaten environment

Source: / by Bill Waren /May 29, 2014

Investor-to-state dispute settlement is a rigged system

Source: / May 28, 2014

De Gucht assures that TTIP will probably be a mixed agreement

Source: / May 26, 2014

TTIP statement from the 2014 Congress of the Nordic Transport Workers’ Federation

Source: / Malmoe, Sweden, May 22-23, 2014

Pan-EU civil society coalition rejects US-EU free trade deal process

Source: / May 21, 2014

Read The Secret Trade Memo Calling For More Fracking and Offshore Drilling

Source: / by Zach Carter , Kate Sheppard / May 19, 2014

Proposed plans for US-EU trade deal would weaken health, consumer, worker and environmental protections

Source: / May 12, 2014

Obama-Merkel Summit Presents Perfect Opportunity to Drop Controversial Foreign ‘Investor-State’ Rights in U.S.-EU Trade Pact

Source: / May 1, 2014

ISDS threatens privacy and reform of copyright and patent law

Source: / April 30, 2014

BIPAs not serving India’s interest: Commerce Ministry

Source: / May 21, 2014

Improving Investment Treaties through General Exceptions Provisions: The Australian Example

Source: / by Simon Lester / May 14, 2014.

178 Groups Demand Answers About TTIP’s Climate Impact

Source: / May 14, 2014

Investor-state arbitration system needs ‘complete overhaul’

Source: / by Kuala Lumpur / May 9, 2014

Crossing the Ocean By Feeling For the BITs: Investor-State Arbitration in China’s Bilateral Investment Treaties

Source: GEGI Working Paper Series / By Amos Irwin / May, 2014

Gabriel may seek billions in arbitration over stalled Romanian mine

Source: / April 30, 2014

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